The only AI driven digital PR and media platform that promotes collaboration between Publishers, Journalists and Businesses.

Intelligent Press Release Platform

Turbo charge your press release efforts with cutting edge artificial intelligence to automatically locate and engage audiences.

  • Audience Matching

    Audience Matching

    10 seconds to automatically match your content to the most relevant influential audiences in publishing, journalism and social media.

  • Understanding


    Sentiment analysis to guide your contents impact.

  • Reporting


    Advanced reporting metrics on audience engagement and article tracking.

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Digital Publishing Platform

Launch digital publications and engage new readers without risk or cost.

  • Magazine Newsstand

    Magazine Newsstand

    Increase engagement and drive readership with full digital hosting.

  • Grow Your Audience

    Grow Your Audience

    Target niche industry influencers with relevant content and expand your readership.

  • Audience Insights

    Audience Insights

    Generate insightful readership insights, audience analytics and audience feedback metrics at the click of a button.

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Journalist Outreach Platform

Research, receive and collaborate on content with advanced collaborative abilities.

  • Curate & Collaborate

    Curate & Collaborate

    Be inspired to create engaging content with collaborative abilities.

  • Community Insights

    Community Insights

    Uncover what hot topics niche industry communities are discussing with cutting edge investigative Newsroom AI capabilities and react to audience demands.

  • Search Queries

    Search Queries

    Create powerful search functions for niche industry topics for a constant stream of relevant content.

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Industry News Platform

Read and participate in the creation of industry specific news and content.

  • Be Updated

    Be Updated

    Receive tailored news stories based on your preferences and profile.

  • Be Informed

    Be Informed

    Access full digital publication and media packs.

  • Be Inclusive

    Be Inclusive

    Participate in live story feedback and be heard by those that matter most.

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