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Pivoting for good with John Graham, founder and CEO of

I recently had the good fortune to sit down with John Graham, CEO and founder of, an AI-powered digital publishing platform that connects publishers, journalists and business communities for increased efficiency. To understand John’s vision for Reveela, we had to go back 20 years to when he founded Distinctive Publishing, an industry magazine publisher based in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England.

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Business Scotland

Revolutionary Publishing Platform Offers Huge Marketing Potential

The world of publishing has advanced light years with the launch of a visionary networking platform christened Reveela. Distinctive Publishing is now working in partnership with the new hub to give the media, publishing and business communities access to the unbridled data-crunching power of artificial intelligence – and the resultant precision-targeting that ensures every editorial, news story and advert hits its mark.

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The Journal

Launch of AI platform will be game changer for publishers

A NEW networking platform has een launched in Newcastle to provide publishers with access to new digital tools to grow their business models. Computer software company Reveela Technologies, based in Newcastle, has spent more than four years developing, An Al-based platform which uses artificial intelligence to sift through huge amounts of data.

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Haines Watts

New, Edgy, Disruptive: Distinctive Group CEO on Tech Innovation and Building the Best Team

Over the past 20 years, Distinctive Group has established itself as a reputable full-service publishing, creative and advertising agency in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne. Having created thousands of publications, the company has more than 90 years of media experience across a diverse range of genres and marketing channels.

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The Northern Echo

Newcastle firm's media software 'thinks' like a human

A Newcastle businessman has joined forces with Durham University and Innovate UK to develop software that 'thinks' like a human brain. John Graham has spent the last four years working on his new networking platform Reveela - which uses artificial intelligence to provide data for the media, publishing and business communities.

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